Consequences of Full Dental
The loss of many teeth or all of them, leads to the following:

Ridge resorption

  • prominent mylohyoid ridge
  • prominent genial tubercles
  • exposure of Mental Nerve

Reduction in Height of the Lower Facial Third


Exacerbation of the naso-labial folds

'Knife' ridges

Atrophic mandible

Need to re-contour dento-alveoli

Reduced Function – speech, eating, cosmeses

"Flabby Ridge" (pre-maxilla)

Bony irregularities & prominences

Loss of masticatory function & appearance during healing

Undesirable mental & physical effects on patient that the
absence of teeth creates

Tongue and cheeks may invade the future “denture space
making later adaptation to subsequent dentures more

Difficulty in assessing vertical & horizontal jaw relations
when construction new dentures

Difficulty in restoring appearance if all information on the
natural dentition has been lost

Multiple adjustments to immediate dentures as the jaw
bones /
dento-alveoli re-model

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