Wound Advice After Your Oral
Biopsy - Information For Patients
A biopsy is the taking of a small piece of tissue for
microscopic examination usually carried out after a
local anæsthetic injection in the area, such as used
for fillings.

The biopsy procedure is virtually painless, though
when the local anæsthetic injection wears off after a
couple of hours, a little soreness will be experienced.

Stitches (sutures) or a dressing may / may not be

Stitches (sutures) may be resorbable or need to be
removed in the next week (you will be told what type
of stitches you’ve had placed).  It is usually not a
problem if the dressing is lost or the stitches come
out earlier than one week.

To aid healing and make you more comfortable, we

0 - 6 hours

  • avoid rinsing
  • avoid hot drinks
  • avoid alcohol
  • avoid cleaning your teeth

6 - 24 hours

  • brush your teeth as normal after meals, using
    your toothbrush away from the surgical area, and
  • Corsodyl gel

24 hours and after

  • keep your mouth as clean as possible
  • brush your teeth as normal after meals, using
    your toothbrush away from the surgical area, and
    Corsodyl gel
  • rinse with hot, salt mouthwash after meals.
    (To make this up, dissolve a heaped teaspoon
    of salt in a cup of warm water and rinse for about
    a minute)

A biopsy, like any interventive procedure, may
occasionally result in complications such as a little:

  • bleeding : do not panic: pressure for 5 - 10
    minutes from a gauze swab will almost invariably
    stop the bleeding
  • soreness or pain: paracetamol or ibuprofen
    taken before the injection wears off usually
    controls this; do not use aspirin - it can cause
  • swelling: this should subside spontaneously over
    3 - 4 days
  • bruising: this should clear spontaneously over 4 -
    5 days

Rarely there may be:

  • altered sensation
  • restricted mouth opening
  • reactions to drugs
  • allergies
  • infection

You will be given a swab to bite on for 10 - 15
minutes if there is bleeding but, if you are at all
concerned, kindly telephone for further advice.

However, there are usually no long-term

The scar is usually almost invisible, any discomfort
goes quickly and any slight numbness recovers.

Biopsy Results:

Dependent on what has been biopsied, you will either
be asked to come back so that you can be told what
has been removed (and if any further treatment is
needed) or you will be told that there is no need for a
review and that the results will sent out to the referrer
(your dentist / doctor).

When to Contact Us:

During normal working hours, contact the Oral
Surgeon / Dentist.

For urgent help out of hours, you may need to attend
your local A&E.