General Advice Following
Operations In The Mouth
After any minor operation in the mouth a certain amount of
discomfort and swelling is inevitable but healing is usually
straightforward providing a few simple measures are taken
and the mouth is kept as clean as possible.

After effects of the anaesthetic: if you had a local
injection wait until normal sensation has
returned before eating or drinking.

It is probably advisable to take pain relieving tablets
before the
anæsthetic wears off.  If you had a general
or intravenous sedation you may feel light
headed, tired or nauseated for a while.  Take only light
refreshment and plenty of fluid and rest until fully
recovered.  Do not drive a car, use machinery or take
alcohol for at least 24 hours.

(If you are prescribed
antibiotics and also take the ‘Pill
you should note that it is not considered a safe method of
contraception during the
antibiotic course and for the rest
of the current menstrual cycle.)

Pain relief: Take pain relieving tablets as necessary.  Do
not exceed the recommended dose.  The discomfort may
be greater a day or two after the operation after which it
should steadily decrease.

Swelling: Facial swelling varies but it usually peaks on the
second or third postoperative day.  This is normal and may
take several days to resolve.  Any sudden increase in pain
and swelling after an initial improvement should be

Bleeding: A small amount of oozing from fresh operation
sites is normal but should soon stop.  Avoid vigorous
mouth rinsing for the first 24 hours to leave the wound
undisturbed.  If more obvious bleeding occurs stay calm
and follow these simple instructions:

  • Using the sterile gauze provided, roll one of the
    gauzes into a sausage shape and place directly over
    the bleeding site.
  • Bite or press on the pack for at least 15 - 20 minutes,
    timed by the clock.
  • Rest quietly and repeat if necessary.

Keeping your mouth clean: Stiffness of the jaw may
restrict mouth opening for awhile but you should continue
to use a toothbrush gently.

Antiseptic mouthwashes (such as
Corsodyl) or hot salt
water mouth baths will help to keep your mouth clean and
aid healing.  Dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a tumbler of
water as hot as can comfortably be held in the mouth.  
Hold a mouthful next to the operation site until the heat has
gone and then spit it out.  Do not rinse vigorously.  Use a
full tumbler every hour or so for the first day or two and
then three times a day after meals until the swelling and
stiffness has settled.
Last Updated 4th September 2015
no particular dietary restrictions.  Use a mouth bath after meals.  Any sutures
(stitches) will usually dissolve within 10 days unless you are advised otherwise.

If you need Help or Advice:

During normal working hours, contact the Oral Surgeon / Dentist.

For urgent help out of hours, you may need to attend your local A&E.