This site has been compiled to give additional information about matters involving Surgical
and Oral (& Maxillofacial) Surgery.

These days, with so much information on the Web, it behoves patients to research any
dental (or medical) matter before embarking on the treatment (the
Prudent Patient).  The
more information the patient is armed with, the better, as this allows a more, in-depth
discussion with your
dentist / Oral Surgeon regarding your treatment options.

No responsibility can be accepted for any injury suffered as a direct or indirect result
of the information contained in this site.

The author was responsible for most of the text that is contained in the site.

Although there is a great deal of agreement between
dentists and doctors on the specifics of
Oral (and Maxillofacial) Surgery, there are still areas open to interpretation and bias.

The views expressed in this site may not be the same as those expressed by your Oral

These details are, for the most part, common knowledge amongst
Oral Surgeons and hence
the need for a site to pass this knowledge to our patients.

I have included on the site, websites and articles of relevance to the various topics

The articles are from well-recognised journals that are subject to peer-review.

The websites are often the websites of professional bodies such as dental associations,
dental councils
Last Updated 5th January 2020
I have tried to present information that is commonly accepted but it is vital to remember
this site is not a substitute for a consultation with your dentist / doctor.