Denture Sore Mouth
(Denture-Related Stomatitis)
Denture sore mouth is common, but rarely sore.

It is caused mainly by a yeast (
Thrush / Candida) that
usually lives harmlessly in the mouth and elsewhere.

It is not transmitted to others.

It may be precipitated by prolonged wearing of a dental
appliance (denture or brace), especially at night, which
allows the yeast to grow.
Photos of Denture Stomatitis
It predisposes to sores at the corners of the mouth
Angular Cheilitis).
Blood tests, microbiological studies or a biopsy may be

It is best controlled by:

  • leaving out the denture especially at night, allowing the
    mouth to heal
  • disinfecting the denture (as per additional instructions)
  • using anti-fungal creams or gels (e.g. Daktarin) or
    tablets (e.g. Nystan, Fungilin, Diflucan) regularly for
    up to 4 weeks

The denture may require adjustment or changing.

Useful Website:

Photo of Angular Cheilitis / Perlèche
Last Updated 18th August 2010