Dental Emergencies

In this sense, trauma to teeth and their supporting
tissues.  This involves injuries to the dental hard tissues
enamel, dentine and cement), the pulp and the alveolar
, to concussion of the tooth to avulsion of the
tooth and its
re-implacement within its socket.

This is a broad subject and other people explain it far
better than me.

Regardless though, I list here very useful websites and
also a variety of articles about dental trauma.
Dental Emergencies & Trauma
Photo of dental trauma, effecting the right incisors and
canine, with the avulsion of the upper right central
dento-alveolar fracture
containing the lower right incisors
University Hospital of Copenhagen, Dental Trauma Guide

British Dental Health Foundation - Avulsed Teeth

British Dental Health Foundation - Cracked Teeth

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Emedicine - Dental, Displaced Tooth

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MaxFaxSHO.co.uk - Dental Trauma: History and

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MedicsDirect.co.uk - Treatment Of A Knocked Out Adult

NCEMI.org - Avulsed Tooth (Tooth Loss)

NCEMI.org - Dental Trauma (Fracture, Subluxation and

Useful Articles:

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BMJ 2000.  ABC of Oral Health - Improving Occlusion
and Oro-Facial Aesthetics: Tooth Repair and

Chapter 5 - Dental Emergencies

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Controversial Displacement Injuries

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Guideline on Management of Acute Dental Trauma

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Recommended Guidelines of the American Association of
Endodontists for the Treatment of Traumatic Dental
Last Updated 8th November 2010