Studies have shown that a ‘food supplement’, known as
alpha lipoic acid, has been beneficial with regards to
Burning Mouth Syndrome and the related Idiopathic

It has been shown that
α-Lipoic Acid is effective in the
treatment of
diabetic-related neuropathy as well.

The studies were conducted in part, by Professor Scully of
Eastman Dental Institute.

Suggested dose regime for
α-Lipoic Acid is:

  • 600 mg per day orally for 20 days followed by 200 mg
    per day for 10 days.

α-Lipoic Acid can be bought online far cheaper than from
high street shops.  I normally point people to the
Healthspan website as it seems reliable and reasonably
Healthspan sells the α-Lipoic Acid together with
acetyl-L-carnitine under the name of Lipocarn.  Obviously,
if you can find a better (and cheaper) supplier, use them!


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Alpha Lipoic Acid, Burning Mouth
& Idiopathic Dysgeusia
Last Updated 11th August 2010